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  • Thursday ,13 June 2019

Ashnin Al-Nassara

By-Hani Sabri

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Thursday ,13 June 2019

Ashnin Al-Nassara

Some militants from the village of Ashnin Al-Nassara  in Magaghah, Minya Governorate assaulted two houses of the Copts and destroyed their contents to punish them for what they said a crime committed by one of the Copts who used to live in the village. A post that insults one of the Sheikhs was their reason to commit their crime. Family of the Coptic man was lucky to escape. The extremists insulted Christians and Christianity. The Church in a statement said that Fady Youssef, his brother and uncle were arrested following the attack! 

It is so sad that such repeated and regrettable incidents of attacks on Copts by some extremists disrupt public order, threaten the safety and security of society, harm national unity and social peace, intimidate and endanger the lives of others. Yet, the criminals who committed such crimes are still demanding forced displacement of families of Fady Youssef! It is even a bigger crime scene that violates the Egyptian Constitution in Article 63 as well as the international law. In case the Coptic man has committed a crime, he should be punished according to the law and by the state, not by the angry mobs!
Who enabled those extremists to be the guardians of the Copts and the society and think that they are above the law. They must realize that the worse case scenario will be a customary reconciliation session in which they will be acquitted and put their conditions to leave the Copts live in peace. This indeed waste their rights and offense the state of law and equal citizenship. 
Stop such attacks in which rights of the Copts are wasted along with justice. Safety and stability of the homeland may be affected by these attacks along with properties and safety of the Copts! I demand all concerned authorities to assume their constitutional and legal responsibilities and to deal firmly with such crimes, which may undermine the security and stability of society. They should arrest these extremist perpetrators and bring them to an urgent criminal trial for public and private deterrence.