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  • Thursday ,23 May 2019

Coptic Orthodox Hospital in Africa

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Thursday ,23 May 2019

Coptic Orthodox Hospital in Africa

The Zambian President Edgar Shjou Lungu and Bishop Paul of Africa opened the Coptic Hospital, which was built by the Egyptian Orthodox Church in the Zambian capital of Lokasa, one of the largest hospitals in Zambia. 

Pope Paul, the president and his accompanying delegation of ministers and officials, took a tour of the hospital corridors. Longo praised the modern equipment they contained and carried one of the newborn babies to the hospital. 
Zambian President Edgar Longo paid tribute to the Coptic Church and Coptic Bishop Paul of Africa, and the ministers and all present at the opening of the hospital. He said that the hospital is an achievement for all people of Zambia, adding that the main goal is to put an end to suffering of the Zambians. He praised the role played by the Orthodox Church in Africa, where its branches are spread in many countries of the continent. He also praised the Church s contribution to the development of the health sector and the enhancement of the services provided by it, stressing that the wealth of the nations depends on the enjoyment of their peoples good health and their ability to produce. 
Greetings to the Egyptian Coptic Church which supports the work of the Egyptian embassies and is considered a great ambassador for Egypt abroad, especially in the countries that are ignored and not receiving the due attention.