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  • Monday ,13 May 2019

Reviving Ramadan memories


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Monday ,13 May 2019

Reviving Ramadan memories
Ramadan means taraweeh prayers (evening prayers). It means a family gathering for a meal. It means the maghreb call for prayers on television. It means the sound of a cannon [a signal for Muslims to break their fast].
It means children playing football at night. It means sohour [the meal Muslims eat before they start fasting]. It means fajr prayers [prayers before dawn]. It means sweets like konafa. It means Ramadan decorations in the streets. It means the lanterns that light up the universe.”
This is how Ramadan, the holy month in which Muslims fast during the daytime hours, is described on the Ramadan Betaa Zaman (Ramadan of the Past) Website that depicts features of Ramadan in the past and posts images of them.