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  • Friday ,19 April 2019

Removing of regimes

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Friday ,19 April 2019

Removing of regimes
Regimes fall by revolutions or military coups, but a successful revolutions only insist on overthrowing the regime until its roots, choosing its replacements till they achieve the rotation of power. I don  t  envy the Sudanese brothers who overthrew a regime till its tail. They hardly accept the third man giving his good history.
I do not know why the Arab leaders always leave behind their men who often belong to the military to rule. This new regime usually is more powerful and harder to break since it learned the lesson from the previous regime. It even takes revenge of those who over threw the previous regime.
The Sudanese did it and insisted on overthrowing not only Bashir but also Ben Auf, his deputy, who tried to complete his career, but he did not stand for more than twenty-four hours. However, I think that regimes may influence the fourth or even the fifth row with the same corruption and dictatorship. Seeking revenge from the people, they increase their suffering in punish them in the name of nationality and patriotism.
The Algerians are trying to follow the Sudanese pattern, but they can  t till now since the regime adheres to the constitution. The dictatorship don  t care about the constitution, but about their own power. 
Both the  Sudanese and the Algerians are trying to clean their wound to the end. If they can  t they will replace a bad regime with another one that is even worse.