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  • Thursday ,18 April 2019

The symbol of France burning

By-Hani Sabri Labib

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Thursday ,18 April 2019

The symbol of France burning

A huge fire broke out inside the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, leding to the collapse of its historic tower and its roof. The scene was painful and sad not only for the French people, but to the whole world because the cathedral is a hallmark of human civilization. 

The French people have gathered in the vicinity of the famous religious and tourist edifice to watch a genuine part of their history and tradition burn. It is a great loss and a disaster for human and civilization heritage beyond description, given the great religious, historical, literary and cultural symbolism for the French people and the entire world. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage. The building is known to contain religious treasures, and rare paintings. 
The fire may be caused by unintentional accident due to negligence in some of the restoration and maintenance operations in the cathedral, and we are waiting for the ongoing investigations into the causes of the fire. 
The fire brigade succeeded in rescuing the Notre Dame Main Cathedral and the two main towers as well as the crown of thorns that the Jews placed on the head of Jesus Christ on the day of His crucifixion.
The timing of the fire is very bad at the Holy Week and days before the Easter celebrations, as the most important feast of the church. We call upon everybody to contribute to help the French poeple to restore and repair the Cathedral giving that several years and a huge sum of money is  needed. I call upon the world to organize an international donor conference to save and restore the treasures of Notre Dame Cathedral. 
The cathedral named is translated Our Lady the Virgin, and is located in the heart of Paris, and is visited by about 13 million people annually. It was built in the Middle ages and is indeed one of the historical monuments in France.