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  • Wednesday ,17 April 2019

The Notre Dame Cathedral

By-Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Wednesday ,17 April 2019

The Notre Dame Cathedral

This Cathedral is visited by  about 14 million tourists each year. This means a great loss of money, but it is really a devastation of a cultural and historic place. It is a loss to the history of human civilization.

The French government has announced that it will immediately begin to renovate the Cathedral. I know exactly what the French people feel about this disaster since they are cultured, life-loving, enjoyable, reassuring, optimistic about their future, hardworking, and respectful.
This fire remind me of my first visit to Paris where I made sure to visit the cathedral and the Bastille Square. I thought about the relationship between  this small spot and freedom. I looked at the people thinking can we have freedom similar to them!
I noticed that they had everything in the queue, even the bus ride, the entrance to the store, the purchase of a pack of cigarettes. You don  t have to rush or push. The queue means equality, and every body has to stand in line, even the president can  t break that rule. 
The French people have another face, which appears when you violate human rights or civil rights, especially in education, health, pensions, prices, etc ... These ignite demonstrations supported by civil society organizations and the press. 
They do not have a president who will remain in his post for decades to complete the achievements, or who arrests the opposition or his rivals in the elections. Indeed, we are extremely sad for the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral as well as freedom and humanity that are fading away.