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  • Friday ,05 April 2019

Salah and discrimination

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,06 April 2019

Salah and discrimination

The Egyptian player Mohamad Salah suffered lately from discrimination from some fans in England. Some fans was trying to see this discrimination is the cause for his week performance.

If you live in Europe, you will see some discrimination from time to time but the most important is that you will see some other people refuse this discrimination and defend you and ask for justice.
What’s good about Mohamad Salah that he doesn’t focus in such incidents so much and try to use such incidents to push himself forward and to prove that he has a lot to give in the court.
Salah is an example for all Egyptian and everyday he proves with his exceptional performance that he is the best Egyptian player in the history. 
One thing everyone has to learn from Salah is his persistence and his ambitions never stop at a certain level but continues for ever.