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Learn from the ancestors

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Friday ,29 March 2019

Learn from the ancestors

One of the newspapers published its headlines:  Egypt Races Time With Recent Archaeological Discoveries . Egypt is one of the world s oldest civilization, and our ancestors and those who came after have left us relics and monuments, commemorating their existence, and great civilization at the time the rest of the world was properly trying to discover clothing. 

There was many eras in Egypt including Pharaonic Egypt, followed by Persian Egypt, and then the Ptolemies followed by the Romans. Great history that left its impact all over Egypt and the world is still amazed by its antiquities.
Its great impact was not only inside the Pyramids since it can be found all over Egypt. The oldest piece of woven clothing in human history dates back to 5000 years ago was discovered in Egypt in 1913 in Tarkhan, Upper Egypt. The test of carbon radiation conducted by the University of Oxford in 2015, with a accuracy of 95% , assured that the dress dates back to the period between 3482 and 310 2 BC and was classified as the eldest piece of woven clothing in human history. 
Now, as Egypt is building its future, it can t ignore its great history and Egyptians have to learn from their ancestors in order to build a great civilization again and to retake their place among the greatest nations on earth.