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  • Tuesday ,19 March 2019

Lion of St. Mark Evangelism

By-Abraam Refaat

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Tuesday ,19 March 2019

Lion of St. Mark Evangelism

Pope Shenouda III was a source of inspiration for Egyptian Copts with his prestige, courage, firmness and determination. He was an outstanding wise man whose knowledge was impressive. Moreover, he was funny and long suffering as well as very sensitive.

During his period, the Church faced many conflicts and problems, but he treated them with wisdom and could manage the situation with the least amount of losses. His Holiness was stronger than all the events and all tribulations that descended upon the Church. During his time, the Church was stable and peaceful. 
Pope Shenouda was a brilliant politician who knew how and when to oppose and how to speak. His weekly sermon was expected every week by his beloved congregation. At certain time, he decided to lock himself in the monastery to pray, which raised the anger of President Sadat. His relationship with President Mubarak was good and based on common interests, whether political or religious. Pope Shenouda left his troubles to be carried by his successor Pope Tawadros, may God help him to bear such great burden, troubles and unrest.