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  • Friday ,15 March 2019

Will Egypt admit like Saudi Arabia

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,16 March 2019

Will Egypt admit like Saudi Arabia

After Saudi Arabia admitted killing The journalist jamal khashoggi will Egypt admit killing the Italian student Rogeni? This is a big question and the answer should only known by the Egyptian authority

Everyone know that Rogeni killed by security people and after same accident happened to the Saudi Journalist everyone thought that this is the right time to admit Killing the student and try to introduce the killers to justice. 
In Fact, Admitting killing the student by mistake it much better than leaving the case with no answer especially that the Italian side didn t forget the case and keep sending his own investigation people to get an answer of who killed Rogeny. 
Sometimes it s better to admit with your mistakes better than hiding it and continue lying about who killed Rogeny. 
In conclusion, Egypt will gain more respect to admit the wrongdoing and the question here will people in Egypt be brave to do take this step or we will continue lying.