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  • Friday ,15 March 2019

Ouster of the Pope

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Friday ,15 March 2019

Ouster of the Pope

Rumors have spread on the social media that a number of bishops are moving against Pope Tawadros aiming to oust him. They explained that a number of bishops and clergy are secretly collecting signatures for that purpose.

The murder of Bishop Epiphanius and sentencing 2 monks to death penalty was a strong debate and motivation to such campaign as well as claims that Pope Tawadros II was not elected fairly.
On the other hand the Holy Synod has denied such rumors and announced that there is no collecting campaigns by its members against the Pope and that such language is strange to the church.
We can say that the renovation led by Pope Tawadros in the church is the main reason for such war since many people don t like it and prefer to keep the church very traditional. We can also add the greed of some people to take power. May God preserve his church.