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  • Wednesday ,13 March 2019

Peace I leave to you

By-Jacqueline Girgis

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Wednesday ,13 March 2019

Peace I leave to you

All religions, messengers and prophets agreed that peace is a constant of religions since they aim to achieve peace and security and to prevent all terrorism and violence.

Throughout history, terrorism has used religion to cover its ugly face, which led to  conflicts and wars and caused human tragedies all over the world.
Peace is agreement, tolerance, coexistence, harmony and stability on local or international scale. It is a desirable situation that countries hold treaties in order to achieve peace. 
The concept of "community peace" is rooted in the societies consist of a group of people, necessarily different from each other, whether in their religious, sectarian, social positions or even their jobs. Yet, all of them are part of what we call a "social contract" which is an unwritten obligation between them, which deals with the rights and duties of each member in the community.
There is a good initiative in that account carried out by the diocese of services in the Coptic Orthodox Church, in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf and the Diakonia Foundation. The initiative is called “Make Peace With All People" and tries to spread love and culture of coexistence and tolerance. Therefore, I invite other institutions to join the initiative including ministry of education, media channels, culture ministry. We should invite young people to join the initiative and to move to Upper Egypt where most of sectarian incidents happen. Such places need the culture of tolerance and equal citizenship.
Finally, we should welcome this initiative and give it all helping hands, in addition to activating the rule of law and the respect of the constitution that guarantee freedom of belief for all. Religions have the power to affect its followers and teach them to cooperate.