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  • Tuesday ,12 March 2019

Innocent Question

Hanan Badei Sawiris

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Tuesday ,12 March 2019

Innocent Question

The rule of  law in our country means that the law is applied equally on the citizens. This law states that a wife can t get married to two people at once. In that case, she will be accused of adultery and getting married to two people. This is the case when the husband is a Muslim man, but when he is a Coptic Christian man, then the case is different.

The Christian woman in our story decided to abandon her husband and her children and get married to a Muslim man. Now, she decided to return to her village and humiliate her husband and children under the protection of the law! This happens in the year 2019 which is a great insult for the rule of law and equality in Egypt.
It is shameful not to arrest the man and woman who committed such crime and instead they are protected by the law. Moreover, it is shameful to force the oppressed to accept customary reconciliation sessions. indeed, this encourages others to commit the same crime and promise implicitly to protect them. I wish to see equality among the citizens.