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  • Thursday ,07 March 2019

Burnt by Wahabism

By-Ashraf Hilmi

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Thursday ,07 March 2019

Burnt by Wahabism

After the American actor from  Egyptian origins Ramy Malek won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film  Bohimian Rhapsody , he declared his Egyptian origins in front of the whole world at the happiest night of his life. On the other side of the world, people with Wahbi ideologies decided to do their best to destroy the celebration by claiming that Rami and his movie is trying to promote homosexuality and destory the morals of the youth of the Arab world. Members of the House of Representatives and media presenters adopted that conspiracy theory, but other illuminated people invited the Oscars winner to visit Egypt to promote tourism. Human Rights Watch said that the Egyptian authorities celebrates Ramy Malek, but can t show the film in Egyptian theaters  without deduction of several scenes. It added that Mercury would have been sent to jail in Egypt according to the fight against immorality and debauchery just like 76 people were imprisoned last year.

It should be known that art is used to deliver messages and make change, and many Egyptian actors appeared in movies as terrorists, gays, drug dealers, and harlots, but they have never been accused of inciting any of that. However, they may think that art aims to spread religion just like they linked the success of Muhamed Salah in football to his religion!
Sadat changed Article II of the constitution to prevent Copts from being equal citizens in their home country. And today Shiekh of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb ignored calls of the Egyptian President to renew the religious discourse knowing that he is protected by Article VII of the Constitution.  
Human Rights Watch accused the Egyptian government today of hypocrisy after the shameful reactions of members of the Egyptian parliament knowing that Egypt doesn t give the right opportunity to many Coptic Christians thanks to their religion like Sir Magdi Yaqoub and many others. The Salafi and Wahabbi ideology were imposed and supported by Sadat in the constitution until the terrorist  had killed him. Egypt has to embrace a civil state and to change the current constitution by specialists and Professors of constitutional law and human rights with the help of migratory experiences.