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  • Wednesday ,06 March 2019

Egyptian delegation to clarify human rights situation during 40th UNHRC‎ session


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Wednesday ,06 March 2019

Egyptian delegation to clarify human rights situation during 40th UNHRC‎ session

A human rights delegation comprised of two NGOs is set to participate in ‎the upcoming 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, which was launched on 27 February and will run till 26 March.

The delegation aims to clarify facts to the international community about the situation in Egypt.  
Members of the delegation include Said Abdel-Hafez, representing the Forum for ‎Development and Human Rights Dialogue (Moltaka), and Aida Nour, from the Women and Development ‎Association.‎
‎"Egyptian NGOs  participation in international meetings and events, including the annual UNHRC ‎sessions, is vital to clarifying facts to public international opinion regarding the situation in Egypt,” ‎Abdel-Hafez said, explaining that public discussion about human rights violations and countering ‎terrorism are among the top priorities for Egypt during all high level international meetings.
“The ‎human rights issue has been politicised by a number of terrorist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood ‎to justify their terrorist acts and violence against civilians in the Middle East,” he added.
“Our delegation to ‎the Human Rights Council s 40th session will meet with high level representatives of diplomatic missions ‎and European human rights activists to expose terrorists groups  lies."
The head of the Women and Development Association also affirmed that starting Wednesday, the ‎delegation will participate in several sideline events and meetings during the 40th UNHCR session.
The ‎first sideline event will discuss human rights and terrorism at the UN headquarters.‎
Egypt s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has stressed in his speeches addressing local and international ‎public opinion that fighting terrorism serves to protect human rights.
During the launch of ‎the first World Youth Forum (WYF) in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2017, El-Sisi warned of the danger posed by ‎terrorists who spread extreme ideologies that call for violence and destruction, which jeopardises ‎international peace and security.