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  • Thursday ,28 February 2019

Hisham Sayed

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Thursday ,28 February 2019

Hisham Sayed

Dr. Hisham Abdul Jalil Sayed is an Egyptian doctor who worked in the Saudi Kingdom at a village called Al-Shunana in Al-Qassim. He used to work hard for 12 hours a day at the Medical Family Center. The people of the village respected him and even loved him for his great loyalty and dedication. 

When he died, more than 3,000 people attended his funeral and many of them visited his family in Egypt to offer their sincere condolences and to offer money for them.
Sayed used to visit the patients in their homes, and therefore, the family of the village refused to transfer him to another place in the Saudi Kingdom.
May God repose his soul and bless his family by the inheritance he left to his children of love of the people. He was a great man from Alexandria whom I was honored to write this article about.