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  • Wednesday ,27 February 2019

From Rami Malik to the wretched

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Wednesday ,27 February 2019

From Rami Malik to the wretched

Egyptian international star Rami Malik won the Oscar for his role in the film  Bohemian Rhapsody  in which he represented the famous singer Freddie Markouri. It was a great success, and Malik has won several prizes before he got the Oscars.

In fact, this event was call of happiness and positive energy to the majority of Egyptian young people for several reasons: First of all, he is the youngest actor to get the Oscars at this age and he was able to overcome all obstacles. Moreover, he is the first Egyptian or Arab to win such a prestigious prize. His Arab background was such a great challenge before his acceptance in that career.
Yet, some of the wretched people who used to steal the joy of other people as well as their positive energy started to spread their misery assuring Rami is not even Egyptian, which contradicts with Rami s description of himself as well as the reports of international media that called him the Egyptian pharaoh.
If we accepted such nonsense that he is not even an Egyptian, we wouldn t consider Majdi Yaqub, Dr, Ahmed Zewail, Dr. Farouk Al-Baz and other international figures that kept the Egyptian identity.
I would like here to assure that Rami had to face many obstacles in his way before he achieves such success. This success that was achieved by toil, dream and hard working. Let Rami achieve more and more success and let you, the wretched, suffer your misery.