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  • Friday ,22 February 2019

New Thoughts and Uniforms

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Friday ,22 February 2019

New Thoughts and Uniforms
As Egypt bid farewell to 3 martyrs of al-Darb al-Ahmar terrorist attack, 9 terrorists were getting ready to receive death penalty over assassination of Egypt s former public prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, who was assassinated when a car bomb struck his vehicle in 2015.
Responding to the news about the execution of the nine men convicted of the attack, several online media campaigns were launched and complained that the trial was unfair. The nine were among 28 men sentenced to death for the killing of the former public prosecutor. Several of the men said they were forcibly disappeared and tortured in order to confess to the killing. Many people started to accuse the government of killing innocent people at the time pro government supporters see it as fair trial and that the terrorists deserved it.
It is indeed a hateful dispute since it is related about lives of those who were killed in the attacks, and those who were convicted and sentenced to death penalty. 
It is time to consider the reasons for such attacks, which is clearly related to education and the religious discourse; however, we find the education ministry fighting for imposing a uniform for the teachers and distributing tablets on the students. I am not saying that such appearance and luxury are not important, but it is more important to change the curricula and impose new thoughts that respect other citizens and spread the concepts of equal citizenship tolerance and coexistence.