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  • Thursday ,21 February 2019

George Wajih Fakhri

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Thursday ,21 February 2019

George Wajih Fakhri

George Wajih Fakhri is an actor with no limbs, but he has  a gift and always receives warm applause from the audience. He is a young man in his mid-twenties, who is weak in body and strong in personality. His smile is always on his face despite the his suffering with life. 

His devotion to acting developed in the theaters of the churches after he was accepted to join the ministry couple of years ago. He wanted to serve God with his talents and to spread happiness among the people. People love his acting and encourage him to continue. Such words of support renew his passion and gives him hope and encouragement.
George was born in the city of Minya with a disability that prevents him from having a normal life, but God supported him with such talent and he was able to make some achievements in life.
He carried out an internet cafe project after completing his bachelors degree from the Faculty of Arts Department of Psychology and paid all his debts.
A tribute to George and to the church that supported him and believed in his talents that his face reached outside the walls of the church.