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  • Wednesday ,20 February 2019

We are the clay

By-Samia Ayad

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Wednesday ,20 February 2019

We are the clay

God does not despair of the immobility of man and the multitude of sins committed by men, but he reshapes our hearts to take away the bad habits, just like pottery.

Dr. Rasmi Abdul Malik, head of the humanities department at the Theological seminary talked in his article  I am like ceramics in your hands  about the reshaping of man s heart by the hand of God.
God has created man for good deeds, but the corruption of man s nature prevented that goal. God doesn t despair from man and never abandon his salvation. Thus, He reshapes our hearts for his work with the Holy Spirit. 
There are samples in the Holy Bible that shows us God s hand in reshaping man s hearts. Saul was one of those people as he previously persecuted the church of God before God appeared to him and denounced his rejection. God then instructed Ananias to go to him and say to him, This is for me a chosen vessel to bear my name before the nations and kings of the sons of Israel; for I will show him how much he should suffer for my sake.
Zachka the publicist was an unjust and hated man of society, but God wanted to reshape him and changed his heart before changing his way. May God the Great Pottery reshapes our hearts like porcelain in His Hands, but we should always tell him Thy Will be done.