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  • Friday ,15 February 2019

Happy Valentine s Egypt

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,16 February 2019

Happy Valentine s Egypt
When you live abroad for a while it is easy to notice many things you wouldn t notice if you live inside your native country.
Lately, I noticed while walking or going somewhere that a lot of people actually read and listen to the news of their original country not the country they live in now.
Although many left their countries for many reasons from persecution to search for a better life, however, everyone is still connected to his native country through social media, TV and The News.
While we are in the Valentine s Day, that shows the love everyone carry for his native country although the suffering and the problems he passed by in his life to come to a new country.
In conclusion, we can feel the love going through our body to our countries even if we don t live in it anymore and that s why this year I want to say Happy Valentine s Egypt.