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  • Friday ,15 February 2019

Happy Valentines Day

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Friday ,15 February 2019

Happy Valentines Day

As the whole world is celebrating Valentines Day, I would like to talk today about offering love before gifts. I am talking here about the mature love that is expressed by giving. Yes, one should express his love by giving from his time, efforts, money and etc. 

This concept extends to love our children, homeland, church, family, friends and spouses. Thus, lets think today about the love that we can offer to those whom we do care about.
It is not just about giving more; it is about what we give and how we present it. The gift is valuable no matter how much it costs as long as it is offered with love. A child wanted to give his dad a present at Valentine’s Day, so he offered him the last piece of chocolate that he had and indeed this was very valuable gift since it was wrapped with true love. 
Lets think about giving more love to those whom we care about. Lets give them a touch of caring, respect and appreciation. Enjoy a happy Valentines Day my dear friends!