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  • Tuesday ,12 February 2019

Article like cancer!


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Tuesday ,12 February 2019

Article like cancer!

We listen these days to the justifications of those supporting the amendments to the Egyptian Constitution. They say that the Constitution is not a sacred text and the second article, which states that Islam is the main source of legislation for the laws, and that Egypt is an Islamic state is not an exception. Such article was planted in 1980 like a bomb by Sadat to be reelected for lifetime and wanted to get the support of the Islamists.

The problem of article 2 is that it impairs the entire judiciary, such as the crimes called (honor killings), a murder that any murderer can claim to defend his honor even if he is a pimp. Moreover, the bearded officers were not excluded since Islamic Sharia doesn t prohibit letting one s beard grow. The personal status laws were no exception despite their extremely big scale. The second article is not a problem for Christians alone, but for all Egyptians, police and army.
This is your opportunity, Coptic deputies, to represent the Copts and guide Egypt to a civil state. You would change the history and remove that tumor that affected the Egyptian constitution for 40 years.
You may demand to have the referendum on each article including Article 2. Copts can stop supporting the president if their equal citizenship is not achieved. Laws should come out of civil background and should not be controlled by religions. It should be known that Copts are not so weak, but very powerful.
Article 2 hinders the nomination of a Christian vice president, lest in the absence of the president, Egypt may be ruled by a Christian person! This article deprives medical students of many specializations and deprives law students of their access to the Public Prosecution in most cases. Furthermore, it repeals all laws of freedom of worship and equality. We demand equal citizenship by removing this article that considered Copts Dhimmies and second citizens. 
Islam doesn t support equality between Muslims and non-Muslims, which is stated in Quraan. Christians love this country and they deserve to be treated equally in their own homeland.