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  • Wednesday ,06 February 2019

Macron responds to his people

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,06 February 2019

Macron responds to his people

French newspapers talked about the visit of French President Emmanuel Macaron to Egypt, which shows how Makron responded to the demands of his people. The French journalist said that President Macaron has drawn the attention of Egyptian translators more than once to the fact that he speaks about human rights, and yet they do not translate the words accurately to President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.  This shows that those surrounding the president don t translate the situation accurately to him and not only the words of the the French guest. 

The situation also showed that president Macron determined to talk about the issue of human rights no matter what happens. This also happened after he was criticized for not mentioning it last year upon the visit of al-Sisi to France, and therefore, decided to mention it clearly this year. He declared it several times even before he visited Egypt saying that Egypt violated human rights and freedoms. Yet, no body responded in Egypt.
Indeed the Egyptian president appreciates the investments and relations with the French party, and this makes him tolerates what was said by Macron.
The French newspapers also said that all newspapers in Egypt is controlled by the state, but this was said about al-Youm al-Sabie private newspaper, which raises questions about to what extent journalism and newspapers in Egypt are controlled by the state.