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  • Friday ,01 February 2019

Apple revenue versus Arab countries revenue

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 February 2019

Apple revenue versus Arab countries revenue
CNN released recently a report comparing between Apple Revenues and some Arab countries revenues and the report shows that Apple almost beat all the Arab countries revenue like (Egypt- Emirates- Saudi Arabia) not combined but individually.
For Example the report showed that apple revenue was about 250 Billion Dollar compare to 239 to Saudi Arabia, 112 to Emirates, 56 to Egypt, 54 to Kuwait, and 49 to Qatar.
The statistics explain why US Economy still remain one of the strongest economies on the earth although all troubles happened lately with China related to the trade war.
It s a big shame when we see a company in US can beat bif counties especially Egypt which has now over 95 Million population who should be a main power for the economy.
Having said that, we need to recognize that this is a big challenge that Arab countries face and we should take it as incentive to work hard and beat such numbers but will the Arab leaders listen and follow, this is the real challenge.