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  • Monday ,28 January 2019

Egypt and Sudan share joint destiny, Al-Bashir says during Cairo visit


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Monday ,28 January 2019

Egypt and Sudan share joint destiny, Al-Bashir says during Cairo visit

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has said that Sudan shares a “joint destiny” with Egypt, asserting that Egyptian-Sudanese relations have improved since President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi assumed power.

In a joint press conference with El-Sisi during a one-day visit to Cairo, Al-Bashir praised Egypt s role in the “security and stability” of Sudan, adding that there are parties "exaggerating what is happening in Sudan through the press and social media.”
The Sudanese president s visit comes as his country continues to face political turmoil after the repeated eruption of protests since mid-December over a government decision to raise the price of bread. The demonstrations have called for Al-Bashir s resignation.
Al-Bashir also said that the issue of the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is "vital" given the importance of the Nile to both Egypt and Sudan. 
"We coordinate our stances with Egypt and Ethiopia to preserve the rights of Egypt and Sudan," he said.
Egypt fears that the filling of the GERD reservoir could reduce its share of Nile Water. Ethiopia has repeatedly insisted that the dam will have no such impact. 
The talks between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan have repeatedly reached deadlock, with officials failing to reach a satisfactory agreement.
The Sudanese president said that there are currently projects underway to link electricity grids and railways between Egypt and Sudan, and that there is ongoing coordination between the two countries when it comes to security on the Red Sea. 
“There will be more successful agreements between the two countries,” he said.
Al-Bashir also praised a recent visit to Sudan by a high-level Egyptian delegation, which he said sent an important message of support from the Egyptian government.
During the press conference, El-Sisi praised the "historic ties" between the two countries, the nature of which he described as "rare."
“History proves that the relations, bonds, and unity between Egypt and Sudan are eternal and cannot be broken,” El-Sisi said.
El-Sisi added that he and Al-Bashir agreed on the importance of continuing to work to reach an agreement concerning the filling and operating of Ethiopia s dam.
El-Sisi also said that they discussed the latest developments in the Horn of Africa as well as means of supporting the peace agreement in South Sudan.