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  • Friday ,25 January 2019

Churches in Nigeria

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,27 January 2019

Churches in Nigeria

Lately Muslims destroyed 1,125 churches in Nigeria. This number is a close number of the churches that Muslims Brotherhood burned in Egypt after stepping Mohamad Morsi down in 2013. 

Unfortunately, the Muslim extremists burn and destroy churches without any mercy everywhere without counting any responsibility of their actions. 
The international community keeps silent for everything related to Christians and churches. I imagine if Christian s people burned or destroyed the same number of mosques what would be the international reaction toward that violence. 
There is no doubt that we now suffer from very week international system which doesn t have enough tools to deal with violence against human and against freedom of religious.
With the current American trend which encourage tyrant to take over and with the American trend to not defend human rights against extremism I don t think this violence against Christians and their churches will stop soon.  
In conclusion, I can sense a new international system coming in the road, with France and Germany signed lately a military agreement and with US trying to fight with China and face Russia might be the solution in this new international system.