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  • Friday ,25 January 2019

The Week of Christian Unity Prayer

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Friday ,25 January 2019

The Week of Christian Unity Prayer

The unity of the Church derives from the unity of the Trinity, which is the theological basis of unity. The Father is the source of the Trinity or the fountain of the Trinity; the Son is the center of the Church; the Holy Spirit is the bearer of witness, preaching and service. The Trinity is in unity and harmony, and, therefore, the division does not stop at mere logical or conceptual error; but comes as deviation from the proper foundation of the structure of our faith. But the Holy Spirit, the living God, is working in the Church achieving its unity after divisions have caused greater destruction than the persecutions of tyrants and oppressors. 

We are meeting this year on the theme of (Give me drink) so that the Lord will shake us from His fountain and unite us in His holy divine person. 
Our Coptic Church has always been present in all humility, love and serious participation since the days of the Alexandria theological school, and its scholars like Pentenus, Clemandas, Origen, and Didimus. its present started with Athanasius,  Descurus and Cyril the Great and continues till the visit of Pope Taudros II to the ancient throne of Rome hoping to achieve this unity.

We believe in one Christ, one bible and one kingdom of heaven. We do have too many things in common. We look forward to many fruitful meetings that strengthen our spiritual and theological knowledge in order to be able to witness for Christ before the whole world. This is our way supported by the holy spirit and obtaining open mind. We should pray and study the holy bible seeking orthodoxy.

Our hopes that the prayer of unity will be fruitful for the one church achieving the aim of the saints who kept the faith and delivered its blameless and pure. Such unity may come before the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ so that everybody knows that we are His sons and disciples that we don t consider personal benefits and seek the salvation of the whole world.
Churches in Nigeria 
Lately Muslims destroy 1,125 churches in Nigeria. This number is a close number of the churches that Muslims Brotherhood burned in Egypt after stepping Mohamad Morsi down in 2013. 
Unfortunately, the Muslim extremists burn and destroy churches without any mercy everywhere without counting any responsibility of their actions. 
The international community keeps silent for everything related to Christians and churches. I imagine if Christian s people burned or destroyed the same number of mosques what would be the international reaction toward that violence. 
There is no doubt that we now suffer from very week international system which doesn t have enough tools to deal with violence against human and against freedom of religious.
With the current American trend which encourage tyrant to take over and with the American trend to not defend human rights against extremism I don t think this violence against Christians and their churches will stop soon.  
In conclusion, I can sense a new international system coming in the road, with France and Germany signed lately a military agreement and with US trying to fight with China and face Russia might be the solution in this new international system.