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  • Wednesday ,23 January 2019

Moderate Islam and Christianity!

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Wednesday ,23 January 2019

Moderate Islam and Christianity!

For a long time, through my writings, meetings and media interviews I have expressed my surprise and anger over the expression  moderate Christianity  by those who defend coexistence just like they demand moderate Islam. 

This shows that clergy are using form of politicization of religion and apply non-spiritual names and descriptions to their faiths.
They try to show that each sect has its own moderate form that gives different models of religion! Thus, the fixed elements of religion should stay the same even when time changes. 
With the increasing frequency of waves of extremism all over the world, the misuse of verses leads to political plots by evil organizations.
We should remember here the words of French President Francois Hollande at the Conference on Democracy in the Face of Terrorism and his assertion. He said that we all must fight against extremism and terrorism and seek creating (French Islam). The French have different religions and races, but received the same rights and duties. The French model is threatened, and the social model has to be fixed. This social model was not considered by president Sadat when he said he is a Muslim president of a Muslim country. He should rather declared he is an Egyptian president of all Egyptians.