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  • Friday ,18 January 2019

Praying not allowed

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,19 January 2019

Praying not allowed
The last attack from the extremists on the priests and Copts in Minya showed with no doubts that we are living in a chaos and in absence of law.
Not only Copts can t find a place to pray but also Salafists and sheikhs attack them because they pray on an empty place or they pray in their church.
Unfortunately, the governor of Minya and the state security can t control the extremists because they like what they do and they agree on it.
In fact, we have repeated many times that the situation in Egypt will not change and this is simply because extremists Muslims believe that they are above any law.
In conclusion, if Egypt didn t change the culture and education methods in Schools and mosques to teach people to accept other and be tolerant, the situation is going to get worse especially for Copts.