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  • Monday ,31 December 2018

Scared from Santa!

By-Magda Sidhom

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Friday ,28 December 2018

Scared from Santa!

Despite the growing popularity of celebrating Christmas among our beloved Muslim friends, and as Christmas trees are decorating Egyptian squares by Muslim and Christen youth, there are hateful speeches that warns against such celebrations and even scare children against Santa.

I have tried hard to calm a child in the streets who was screaming and at the end we discovered that he was scared of Santa who would kidnap and kill him!
Some Muslim women tried to change her mind about that she taught to her child, she answered that it is feasts of the infidels and God forbid that we share their feasts! She also accused other women of betrayal to Islam and Prophet Muhammed!
Dear extremists, nobody can be Christian for buying a tree, it is just a matter of celebrating the new year and wishing a happy year. The only crime committed in that context is you spreading hatred among children. Finally, you can t stop our celebrations and you can t stop our love for Santa.