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  • Thursday ,27 December 2018

He who has ears to hear

By-Samia Ayad

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Thursday ,27 December 2018

He who has ears to hear

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. This is an important message by God to man. It represents the true discipleship based on love. The work of the bishop is derived from this service of Jesus Christ, which is based on advancement and teaching. 

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II in his article “The work of the bishop" explained four titles characterized by the Lord Jesus that can mark the work of the bishop. “A loving shepherd”: Jesus Christ is the good shepherd who showed love to Zacchaeus, the chief tax-collector, and the sinner woman. Thus, the bishop should be full of love to everyone and his heart is open to everyone. The Bishop should also be a good teacher, as the Lord Jesus was.
He should deal wisely with the affairs of his diocese and the needs of his people. He has to care for the poor as one of the priorities of his service. Moreover, the bishop should be faithful among his flock, and cares for the salvation of the congregation.
The bishops that were recently ordained by Pope Tawadros are Bishop ARsanius of the New Valley, and Bishop Sawirus of St. Moussa and St. Tomas monasteries, who has spent 34 years as monk. Bishop Michael for Hadayek el-Kobba district. There is also Bishops Bezel and Gregory for the monastery of St. Moses in Texas. Bishop Isaac of Tima, Bishop Makarious of Damietta and Kafr El Sheikh.
We thank God for His grace that He has bestowed upon His Church and on His people. God is indeed working with us.