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  • Wednesday ,26 December 2018

Our little brothers in Christmas

Father Asanasius

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Wednesday ,26 December 2018

Our little brothers in Christmas

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, I invite you to offer your gifts to the Baby born in order to participate in that great event. Let’s visit Christ, take care of Him, feed Him, give Him clothes, host Him, and honor Him.

Our gift is not just part of the annual traditional celebrations, but are gifts of mercy and giving to the poor and the needy. They are gifts to the expelled, patients, wronged, imprisoned and those who are left behind. Those were called by Jesus Christ His little brothers.
Therefore, let us feed the hungry to righteousness and bread; let us give drink to those who are thirsty to salvation and water; let us give clothes to those who need cover from being exposed; let us host the expelled and those who lost shelter. Visit them and encourage them like Jesus Christ did since He doesn’t take pleasure in traditional celebrations and luxurious buildings, but rather in His servants whom He called little brothers. There is thousands and thousands of hungry and thirsty people and thousands of homeless people. Many people also lost their homes and properties because of prosecution and extremism.
Let us help those sad and robbed people, and those who suffer from increasing prices and life troubles. Let us give them food and compassion. We should do this in order not to be cursed on dooms day. We should pray hard and work hard too in order to share and help our poor brothers.
The expensive gifts don’t mean to offer money, but rather our souls to the Baby born. This is the most precious gift to Him.