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  • Friday ,21 December 2018

A series with no end

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,23 December 2018

A series with no end

Once again and crazy police man killed 2 copts in front of the church and in front of the people without any mercy on them or their families . 

It seems for me that the interior ministry hires only the crazy people and put them to guard the church so they can practice their craziness against the Christian in Egypt. 
Unfortunately, we became read and digest this kind of news as something normal to happen to the Coptic and to the Christian of Egypt, not only that but also another security guard threaten a Christian woman and wishing Christian to meet someone to bomb them and bomb the church. 
To that extent Copts and Christian in Egypt became an easy aim to all fanatic people in Egypt which are a lot now days.
 In conclusion, it s the right time to admit that the social peace will not come only from the top of the pyramids but has to come from the bottom as well and without that we will continue to see a fire in the future.