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  • Tuesday ,04 December 2018

Abba Morkus in Saudi Arabia

By-Jamal Rushdy

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Tuesday ,04 December 2018

Abba Morkus in Saudi Arabia

Abba Markos, Metropolitan of Shubra Al-Khaimah, is currently visiting the  Saudi Arabia after the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the papal headquarters last March. Abba Markos asked for permission of Bin Salman to visit the kingdom and visit the Coptic congregation working there. 

At the airport, the Coptic bishop was received by senior Egyptian officials and members of the Egyptian community in the Saudi Kingdom.
Many people visited Abba Markos to talk with him about Egypt and its efforts of development. The man called everybody to support the Egyptian state led by President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. He also assured that the government is dealing with many accumulated  problems. The Bishop showed his knowledge and patriotism in his answers.
Many people visited the bishop under extra security measures taken by Saudi Police. This visit coincided with the visit of Saudi Crown Prince to Egypt after the smearing campaign against him aiming to destroy the plans to develop the kingdom supported by its enemies including the Muslim Brotherhood and several terrorist organizations.
However, the support of other Arab countries including Egypt and UAE destroyed such evil plans. As I live in the Saudi Kingdom for years, I would say that the Crown Prince brought a revolutionary thinking and development for the kingdom and his mentality will change the entire region. On the other hand, the visit of bishop Markos came to assure tolerance, love and hospitality of the kingdom towards the Egyptian church. His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Alaissi, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, received Bishop Markos and discussed several topics of common interest.
It is worth mentioning that the visit will continue until December 6, in which bishop Markos will complete his pastoral visit to the Egyptian community in the Saudi Kingdom. The Kingdom is embracing the human civilization to face any external conspiracy seeking to control the region and its wealth.