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  • Friday ,30 November 2018

The youngest minister in Egypt

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Friday ,30 November 2018

The youngest minister in Egypt
His grandmother raised him well and he was able to win a competition for school students called Abakira  the Guinnesses . This competition that was turned into a TV show sponsored by Ahly Bank of Egypt.
Back to the young man whose name is Pisso and whose mother got married when he was only 4 and left him to his grand  mother to raise him and motivated him to win the competition.
Her dreams are far more than such competition since she wants him to be the youngest minister in Egypt. However he received a grant to study at Nile University, he can t receive similar grant to be member of the cabinet! The position in Egypt requires a man who is supported by security services rather than his own qualifications. He should abandon being perfect in order to take this position.
Even if he does, he can t change his poor family, which is another obstacle before his dream. His only choice is to get married to a powerful rich woman from one big family. Those have no vision for the country and the only vision that will prevail is the one of those who assigned him to the job!
I salute Pisso and his grandmother and invite those who are in charge to choose Pisso as the youngest minister in Egypt.
Cairo, Egypt

I was watching the news when paid my attention a new report from National Geographic states that Cairo, Egypt is one of 10 places must see.

I was happy to see Egypt among many places recommended as must see. I have tried to see and look at the Egyptian news hoping they can catch the news and start working on it to encourage tourism in Egypt which will help the economy in this rough time that Egypt pass by.

Unfortunately, I didn t see this news anywhere in the Egyptian media or on the TV programs. And if the media neglect such news so what kind of news the media would care about among a severe economic crisis Egypt face.

In fact, Media was not the only one neglected such news but also the Egyptian government didn t pay any attention of how this news could help Egypt especially, with all bad news coming from Italy to cut the relationship and stop tourism because of Regeni case.

In conclusion, I hope someone pay attention to such news and start to work on it as I believe if the government pay attention that will create all of opportunities to Egyptian tourism