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  • Friday ,23 November 2018

Is America that disparate?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,24 November 2018

Is America that disparate?

US President Trump choose to defend the Tyrant kings and princes on the expense of human rights and moral.

With America first slogan that came with electing president Trump, we started to see a new trend in the American policy which is to disregard her eyes on any human rights violation if that will be in its interest.
The question here:  is America that disparate to Saudi Arabia’s oil? Is America which known as one of the big defender of human rights all over the world that easy to give this up  to defend one of the most brutal crimes in the history committed by Saudi Prince.
 In fact, with president Trump everything is possible and we can assure that with “America First “ , we can see a lot of weird action from one of the most ex-defender on human rights.
In conclusion, we can see that the world is changing toward the worst and unfortunately, we can’t see a super power can rule the world in the current moment with ethics.