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  • Friday ,09 November 2018

Mission of police

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Friday ,09 November 2018

Mission of police

In his weekly sermon, Pope Tawadros II described the Coptic Church as the mother of martyrs since it has already offered many of them throughout history including the very recent ones at St. Samuel monastery where terrorist shot at least 7 people dead and wounded 20. Pope said that that unity of the Egyptians is the most precious element they have and such terrorist attacks shouldn t change that. 

The interior minister visited Pope Tawadros after the attack to offer his condolences for the victims of the terrorist attack at St. Samuel monastery, which is the second in two years at the same area and using the same technique! Such visit was followed by similar ones including the Prime Minister and head of the Egyptian Parliament. 
In fact, police responded quickly and killed 19 terrorists in Minya whom are blamed for carrying out the attack after only few hours, which means they knew their place and could have prevented the attack, but they didn t! They did it after the attack, just like they announced that the victims are to be blamed for not being secured enough!
Pope has to defend unity of the Egyptians, and the police has to protect the Egyptians. It s their mission above all. Moreover, developing Egypt is clearly linked to security, and security of the Egyptians is clearly linked to security of all tourists that will visit Egypt.