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  • Thursday ,08 November 2018

Poor statements

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Thursday ,08 November 2018

Poor statements

"We are not in conflict with the Ministry of interiors or police, but we show support and appreciate their sacrifices. However, we demand accurate and objective statements that show some respect for our minds. We demand an investigation that don t blame the victims for being killed next to St. Samuel monastery. We also expect the Minister of interiors to launch investigation at these statements and information released and to explain how those terrorists managed to repeat the same attack twice with the same vision and elements”

This was a post published by the Coptic writer Kamal Zakhir on Facebook.
Unfortunately, the statement of the Ministry of the Interior came up to provoke and raise the public anger since they show no respect for our minds. They claimed that the victims didn t take a permit to visit the monastery, or they have taken an insecure shortcut. 
Police should have expected such attacks during the World Youth Forum knowing that they defame Egypt before the whole world. Police should have arrested one of the terrorists alive to answer many questions that can t be answered till now.
I don t underestimate the sacrifices of Egyptian police, but those responsible for the poor statements didn t consider the great history of Egyptian police. It is worth mentioning that police always shut down unlicensed places where Copts try to hold their prayers, but police didn t know how much danger occupies this area!
You can t blame the victims forever and even punish them with the terrorists! I hope to launch investigation with the officials responsible for such statements or crimes as we may call.