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  • Tuesday ,30 October 2018

They refused peace

By-Aida Nassif

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Tuesday ,30 October 2018

They refused peace

The bible says:  Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.  (Matthew 5: 9). But, the world prefers today those who incite wars and hatred. among those who raise such hateful slogan is the Israeli army that prefers to seize Egyptian property from Coptic peaceful monks rather than returning their rights back.

Egypt has tried to teach them how to love and accept peace after the war of 1973. However, this is not strange since they refused the master of peace, Jesus Christ. Moreover, they have already seized the Palestinian land among the mysterious silence of the world.
I believe that taking away the Sultan monastery which is owned by the Coptic church it is a political decision that they take to punish the Coptic Christians for supporting the Egyptian government.
The importance of the Monastery of the Sultan to the Copts is that it is their direct route from the Monastery of St. Anthony to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This monastery is the seat of the Egyptian Patriarchate and the Coptic Church in Jerusalem. The occupation forces took over the monastery without right and gave it to the Ethiopian Church on 25 April 1970. Ever since, the Egyptian Church has been doing its best to recover it. 
Ownership of the monastery has been always to the Coptic orthodox church that had all the documents to prove so, and had a decision of the high Israeli court which said that the monastery known by the locals as  Deir al sultan  must back to the hand of the Coptic church  the soley owner  of it.
The Israeli government tried to force the restoration works of the monastery without taking into consideration the consent of its owners. The monks tried to demonstrate peacefully to demand their rights, but they were faced with force and violence.
Monk Macarius Orshalemy was dragged and pinned to the ground by the military police at the protest, while others were struck with batons as they sought to obstruct workers from Israel s Antiquity Authority moving restoration materials and tools inside.
It is strange that we have not heard of the international human rights and the great powers denouncing and condemning the attack. Such political violence is rejected against both the Muslims and the Christians, and much more against peaceful monks. Enough is enough o makers of wars.