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  • Monday ,15 October 2018

When racism disappeared

Mina M. Azer

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Monday ,15 October 2018

When racism disappeared
While the entire world was assuming that the Middle East will never change since Israel was in control. Yet, as Israel celebrated feast of forgiveness, the Egyptian soldiers were laying a new line of Egyptian heroism using a creative weapon to pave the way in the heart of Bar Lev Line that was expected to function as a "graveyard for Egyptian troops".

The Egyptian creativity changed the reality by denouncing racism and gave a chance to a Coptic Christian officer to develop the idea of destroying Bar Lev Line. The Egyptians used water cannons fashioned from hoses attached to dredging pumps in the canal. Other methods involving explosives, artillery, and bulldozers were too costly in time and required nearly ideal working conditions. In 1971, a young Egyptian officer, Baki Zaki Yousef, suggested a small, light, petrol-fueled pump as the answer to the crossing dilemma. Yet, Egyptian army didn t consider his religion, but his loyalty. Thus, the Egyptian army was able to triumph without terrorism or sectarian strifes.

This wonderful structure has changed with the spread of racism and extremism in Egypt. The ideal atmosphere of creativity was replaced with destruction, failure and discrimination.

I believe that education and loyalty are the resolve to all our problems rather than new cities and even factories. Indeed, the answer is patriotism and loyalty.