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  • Friday ,07 September 2018

Committing suicide and the economic pressure

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,08 September 2018

Committing suicide and the economic pressure

Lately you can t read the news without read every day about someone commit a suicide for a different reason.  Psychologists describe people commit suicide as needed help and he didn t get help in the right time and he didn t get this help from people around or the family beside him.

As mentioned previously that committing a suicide could be for a different reason but I will discuss this time one of the main reason as of why do Egyptian committing suicide?
Definitely, the economic pressure on Egyptian increased a lot especially after floating the Egyptian pound which leads the currency to lose almost half of its value, consequently, prices of goods increased and the real income decreased at the same time.
Unfortunately, sometime you can take right step in wrong time can make the situation worse and that what happened, when you do an economic reform, you have to put into your consideration the different possibilities especially for the low class who are the most hurt because of this reform.
In conclusion, I want to affirm that the state and the government has to do something especially for the poor people so they don t feel alone and suffer and feel they can t survive because they don t have enough money to feed their families.