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  • Tuesday ,04 September 2018

No church to hold funerals

By-Hany Sabry

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Tuesday ,04 September 2018

No church to hold funerals

Copts at Kasr Haidar village in Assiut had to hold a funeral of a deceased man in the streets in front of the church o St. Moses after the fanatics have forced them to shut down the church.

I find such closure of the church in violation of the law is both shameful and disgraceful especially as the church was opened to prayer several years ago and before the draft of current law of houses of worship was passed in the parliament. Thus, the church can t be closed while it is waiting for legalization decision.
Under the absence of law enforcement, Copts suffering is increasing and holding their prayers in several churches is getting harder. Their right to pray for God is being taken away by those who should be punished.
I demand the reopening of the church immediately and empowering the Copts to pray freely and the person who issued a decision to close the church should be punished with the fanatics who attacked the church.