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  • Friday ,13 July 2018

The same scenario

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Friday ,13 July 2018

The same scenario

When a Muslim man attacks Christians in a church or even on the streets using a white weapon, he is described as mentally ill. And when a Christian man shares an insulting post to Islam on social media, he is described as naïve and ignorant who don’t know how to use smart phones. Yet, in both cases the Copts pay an extra price just for being Christians!

The same scenario was repeated this time in Menbal village, Minya province where a Young Coptic man was arrested on charges of insulting Prophet Mohamed and Islam by sharing in appropriate post on social media.
Soon, fanatics of the village had gathered and attacked houses of the Copts in the village to punish them and express their anger at the unforgettable insult for Islam!
Police this time managed to stop the angry mobs from destroying the Coptic houses and even arrested dozens of the attackers. Yet, I wonder why should the innocent Coptic families pay the price and be punished for a crime that they haven’t committed? I believe that rule of the law is a much better method to be used in such cases.