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  • Wednesday ,06 June 2018

No one is like Him

By Samia Ayad

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Wednesday ,06 June 2018

No one is like Him
The Lord Jesus has risen from the dead and no one has risen like him. His resurrection was unique and had unprecedented features.
Abba Takla, bishop of Dishna, in his article  He has risen   said that the Lord Jesus is the only one who has risen by his own power without asking anyone to pray for him, while the other resurrections miracles were performed by other person.
Second, the Lord Jesus has risen by a glorified body. Moreover, he is the first who he did not die again though he kept the traces of his wounds.
Third, Jesus Christ only appeared after his resurrection to certain people whom he chose like Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. Moreover, he appeared to Peter to return him to his position and announce His forgiveness for the denial. He also appeared to the disciples to relieve their fear and appeared to the disciples for forty days to teach them everything concerning the kingdom of God and the Church. 
Have we risen with the Lord Jesus? Our resurrection comes through true faith in God and having trust in him. We have been born through baptism, but repentance in new born from the death of sin. We hay enjoy resurrection through tolerating pain and illness and by having hope and joy in the Lord.