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  • Friday ,25 May 2018


Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,26 May 2018


Traveling or living abroad teaches you a lot of things in life. You not only learn new lessons, but also allows you to discover taboos or ideas that other nations have, which could be right or wrong.

One of things you will find out when you live or travel abroad, is that people are not innocent angels as the media tries to frame it. Having said that, you will find that most people are law-abiding citizens, or if not, they at least try their best to obey the law. 
We all believe that people in Europe and North America have more restrictions when it comes to food and the chemicals that may be in them, but on the contrary people of the West believe in the opposite. Westerners tend to think that the Government uses more chemicals and pesticides in food more so than other countries.
Another taboo that people in the East believe is that there is no discrimination in the West. That is incorrect as well, but in different ways. There is definitely discrimination between different ethnicities or backgrounds. However, someone walking around in a very revealing outfit will not be punished the same way as in the East. People who have a different sexual orientation or unconventional appearance will not go to jail or be harassed as in the East.
In conclusion, I want to invite you to stop believing in taboos and start to trying to make your own judgement calls and your own ethics/rules to live by.