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  • Thursday ,17 May 2018

Egyptian national epic

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,17 May 2018

Egyptian national epic

What happened on Monday, May 14, 2018 at Cairo International Airport is the last part of the wonderful national Egyptian epic that began on the evening of Sunday, February 15, 2015 on the coast of Sirte in Libya. 

This sent a message from the Egyptian state to the world in general, and to some Copts who accuse the Egyptian state of neglecting and oppressing the Copts. These claims match the conspiracies of sectarian strife supported and planned by the intelligence services of several countries with the Muslim Brotherhood against the homeland. 
Lots of efforts were exerted by the Egyptian state since the discovery of the relics of the martyrs. Egyptian Foreign Ministry under the leadership of Ambassador Sameh Shukri and some sovereign bodies such as the military and general intelligence under the supervision and guidance of the Egyptian political leadership. 
Investigations and laboratory examinations of the remains of the martyrs took several months and many Egyptian delegations traveled to Libya until the identification process was successful and the discussions and procedures of the process of transporting the remains to Egypt started. The Libyan aircraft landed on the Egyptian ground bringing the relics of its sons back to its soil.