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  • Tuesday ,08 May 2018

Media of Citizenship

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,08 May 2018

Media of Citizenship

The homeland is not necessarily a land, water, sky, or human being with the similar skin color and the same language. It could be a doctrine or a religion or even goal or a dream. People may feel isolated by retardation or political regimes. This may lead a citizen to live marginalized and not belonging to his or her homeland.

There is no doubt that the media, as much as they represent a measure of belonging in any society, it may affect it negatively or positively in supporting belonging and citizenship. I can see a number of positive attempts of media in that account, but the majority of examples are unfortunately negative.
I have watched a number of attempts by media to discuss the obstacles before citizenship through objective discussions without useless disputes. This was supported by new movements to renew the religious discourse and force the civil forces as well as the government to support values of citizenship.
There is no doubt that there is an investment by dark forces to illiteracy to trade on religion and achieve personal interests even against the supreme and noble values of reliogn.
Poverty is the other element used by such forces which led to attempts to cling to the past and its myths which leads to more retardation in our society.