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  • Thursday ,03 May 2018

The truth about resurrection

By-Samia Ayyad

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Thursday ,03 May 2018

The truth about resurrection

The Holy Resurrection is a fact that can be believed through various evidences. Moreover, it is a spiritual experience and life.

Abba Bakhomius, former acting Patriarch, said in his article  The Experience of Resurrection  explained to us that the truth of the resurrection is confirmed by the prophecies of the Old Testament in all Holy Books that are read during the Holy Week.
Jesus Christ talked about His Resurrection and so does His Holy Shroud preserved in the Italian city of Turin, as well as the apparitions of the Lord Jesus to many people after his resurrection which is also mentioned in the Holy Books of the New Testaments.
As for the spiritual experience of the power of the resurrection, it gives the believers special authority over death so that they do not fear it, but death has become salvation and the beginning of a new life in eternity. Resurrection gives the believers the ability to tolerate all the persecutions they face. 
The resurrection also gives us the grace to practice the necessary sacraments for our salvation. We accept Baptism as death and resurrection with Jesus and the holy Chrism as steadiness in His living person. Thus, such practices are personal experience and not just fixed rituals.
Furthermore, Resurrection gives us hope against pains waiting for the victory over death and sorrows.