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  • Wednesday ,02 May 2018

Creativity and guardianship

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,02 May 2018

Creativity and guardianship

Three years ago, there was a great advertising posted on more than 800 buses roaming the streets of London carrying the words  God may not be there, stop worrying and enjoy your life  The words of course belong to atheists who disbelieve the existence of God. It also carries a message that life away from God Almighty can be better and fun. 

Even though we refuse such message, 800 Christian associations moved followed by Islamic societies to demand the ban of these advertisements. The media watchdog has received 110 claims to stop it. The British Humanitarian Society, which contributed to the funding of the advertising campaign, said the watch dog has a big responsibility to rule whether or not God existed.
In the East, priests expressed their anger and demonstrated at the Cathedral to refuse a movie called  I love cinema  considering it an insult to the Christian faith. The movie was banned in Egyptian cinemas though it calls for tolerance and love. They didn t differentiate between insulting and supportive message of religion. They didn t realize the meaning of the verse  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not be removed.  It is as if they are directing the opposite message that a film can threaten the existence of a religion.